Target group research

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Increase your business opportunities with our LinkedIn B2B messaging service and target audience research product! Send a message to your predefined target audience via LinkedIn to showcase your product or service and drive sales opportunities. Use the basic filter to define your target audience, from country to industry and position.


If you want to increase your business opportunities and generate leads, B2B messaging through LinkedIn allows you to communicate with your potential customers in a targeted way. However, it can be difficult to find the people who are most relevant to your product or service. That’s why we offer our targeting research product using the basic filter on LinkedIn.

The basic filter allows you to define your target group from country to industry to position. (The number of countries, industries, and positions you want to filter for is fixed in the order.) This filter will allow you to specify exactly who to send your messages to and thus increase the number of leads.

Once you have defined your target group, our B2B messaging service via LinkedIn allows you to send a predefined message to them. The messages include the benefits and features of your product or service and give people the opportunity to contact you if they are interested.

The combination of our B2B messaging service through LinkedIn and our target audience research product will help you communicate effectively and target your target audience and increase your business opportunities. By sending effective and targeted messages, you can reach potential customers more easily and increase sales. To find out how we can help you increase your

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