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Check profile and write a suggestion for improvement

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Expand your LinkedIn presence and increase sales with our service! We’ll use our 127-point test to scan your LinkedIn profile and make recommendations to improve it, so you can get more leads and a higher close rate.

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LinkedIn is a highly effective tool for building business relationships and increasing sales. However, if not used properly, it can easily take away the opportunity to build successful business relationships. That’s where we can help, with our service that lets you review your LinkedIn account and make suggestions for improving it.

Based on our 127-point test, we’ll review your LinkedIn profile and associated material, including posts, titles, descriptions, and all other information. If we find areas for improvement, we’ll share the suggestions with you separately so you can improve easily and effectively.

With this service, you can not only expand your LinkedIn presence but also achieve a higher close rate by connecting more effectively with customers and prospects. Stop wasting time on development and constant experimentation, with our service you can improve results quickly and efficiently.

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