Writing the text of the enquiry message

$ 149

We help you to communicate effectively on LinkedIn with your predefined target group. Our automated system will send you a contact text, which we will then use to create 5 different first messages and 3 different follow-up messages. This way you can easily and effectively build your connections within your professional circle.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking and expanding your professional network. But if you can’t communicate effectively with your target audience, all your efforts could be wasted. This is where we can help. With our service, our automated system will send a contact text on your behalf to your target audience. However, we know that writing the right text is not an easy task. That’s why we create 5 different first-contact messages and 3 different follow-up messages for you to communicate easily and effectively on LinkedIn. The messages are personalized and tailored to your needs. Harness the power of LinkedIn, build effective connections, and grow your business with our help.

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