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Increase the quality of your profile and your reach

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile yet, we'll set one up or check your existing one and correct it according to our own experience and our criteria to give you a better result
We will then help you increase number of your connections

Reching company managers directly

Through your LinkedIn account, we send a direct message to your target group, showcasing your service/product and automatically generating new leads

Increasing the results of the company page

We know the strengths of LinkedIn pages and how you can take advantage of them

Want us to check your profile?

We check your LinkedIn profile and recommend improvements based on our knowledge, experience, and criteria.

$ 75
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About LinkedIn

LinkedIn makes it easy to build and nurture business relationships that can lead to long-term business success.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest business social network, used primarily by decision-makers worldwide. Building and maintaining business relationships is easier and more effective through LinkedIn. The messaging feature offers the opportunity to communicate directly with decision-makers, which can lead to more personalized offers. LinkedIn’s capabilities enable businesses to reach potential customers effectively.

B2B (business-to-business) lead generation plays an important role in the lives of companies. To operate and grow successfully, a company needs new partners, customers and suppliers. However, building the right business relationships is not always an easy task and requires effective and targeted tools. One such tool is LinkedIn, which makes it easy to reach companies and decision-makers.

Generating leads

Because you can build a direct relationship, you can present your service/product with a message, and you can achieve an immediate increase in sales, but in the long run, you increase the number of acquaintances, if you communicate with them, you can easily become an influencer

$ 75

Want us to check your profile?

We check your LinkedIn profile and recommend improvements based on our knowledge, experience, and criteria.

What we can help you with

Our Services

Our services allow you to take advantage of LinkedIn’s features

LinkedIn profile

We create or review your LinkedIn profile and make recommendations for changes

B2B / B2C lead generation on LinkedIn

By logging in to your profile, we will send contact messages to your pre-defined target group, where you can present your service/product and request further consultation.

Profil management

We'll help you harness the true power of LinkedIn, communicate according to our own principles, and use other social networking tools allowed on LinkedIn to become a respected influencer in your industry

Company page

We manage corporate sites and take advantage of the truly unique features available here

Want us to check your profile?

We check your LinkedIn profile and recommend improvements based on our knowledge, experience, and criteria.

$ 75

About LinkedIn lead generation

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for B2B sales and lead generation. The platform allows businesses to reach a wide range of potential customers and business partners and also provides a direct communication channel.

Lead generation on LinkedIn can lead to longer-term business success and helps businesses to effectively expand their customer base and increase revenue.

Target group filter by

Additional informations

For visuals

Lead generation with one message

$ 75

Want us to check your profile?

We check your LinkedIn profile and recommend improvements based on our knowledge, experience, and criteria.

Who we recommend

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For continuous sales

We recommend it to companies who want a steady and reliable source of leads for their business.

If you reach 1,000 people in your target group per month, how many more leads can you generate?
We don’t have guarantees or exact numbers, but the feedback and satisfaction of our customers show that it works for them

We will contact you automatically, you only have to deal with the interested parties

Agencies, telemarketing companies, sales consultants and other consultancies

Use our service within your organization or with your customers. You are free to market our service to your customers, we will help you with everything. And our packages are competitively priced. Have an extra service and enjoy that you don’t have to.

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We work with a number of MLM agents/consultants who use our system to contact prospects from all over the world.


We can only work with advance payment. After you place an order with our company, we will check your requirements and get back to you to see if we can work with you.

Order and payment

After placing your order request, we need to verify the company and then confirm your order, which may take some time, so please be patient. Once we have it, we will issue an invoice which you can pay by PayPal or bank transfer.


Depending on which service you're interested in, we'll send you a form that you can fill out to start generating LinkedIn leads or producing content. We will discuss this with you


You can and should keep track of our activity in your own account, because it's important that you can respond to enquirers, commenters, etc.

Fullfillment and reordering

At the end of the process, we will send you a confirmation of completion and you can place a new order

Want us to check your profile?

We check your LinkedIn profile and recommend improvements based on our knowledge, experience, and criteria.

$ 75

Money back guarantee

On your first order, if you are not satisfied with our service within the first 1 week of order confirmation, we will refund your service fee*

*only applies to package orders or messaging

Choose your plan

Sales messages

Sending 800 contact messages to your target group to introduce your service and, if they are interested, to make an appointment
$ 149
  • 1 LinkedIn account
  • 800
    automated connection requests
  • Target group creation
    in 1 country
    3 chose industries
    5 different positions
  • 3 personalized first message
  • Response within 168 hours

LinkedIn messages

A complete LinkedIn management service, where you check your profile, reach out to potential new customers in high volumes and communicate with your existing contacts
$ 415
  • 1 LinkedIn account
  • 800 Automated connection requests
  • Target group creation
    in 3 country
    10 chose industries
    15 different positions
  • 5 personalized first message
  • Follow-up message
  • 8 LinkedIn posts
  • Response within 48 hours

LinkedIn posts

$ 199
  • 1 LinkedIn account
  • 8 posts writing
  • Post schedule
  • In 30 days

Want us to check your profile?

We check your LinkedIn profile and recommend improvements based on our knowledge, experience, and criteria.

$ 75

Frequently Asked Questions


You select the right product and if you want to add additional products, then click on the place order button to start the order process

No, we will then check and confirm by email

We only work with payment in advance

LinkedIn messages

On LinkedIn, you must have at least 500 friends and a profile of at least 6 months. If you don’t have that, by all means, write it down, no problem, but we need to know about it. The first 1-2 series may be slower than average because of this

In basic LinkedIn you can filter by: country / industry / position
If you are also using Sales Navigator, the number of options is further expanded, but you are not required to use this.
By default you enter the target group in the Search URL, but we can also search for you

The first free month is a must to get started, it will make it much easier to get started, but our system doesn’t need the premium versions of LinkedIn by default, but we highly recommend it.
There is a very rare case, however, where the account is of such poor quality that our system will not work without it. In this case, it is absolutely mandatory in order to perform, but we can only inform you of this during operation. If you do not wish to replace it, we cannot guarantee delivery.

The first order is a bit slower due to the warm-up period. It often depends on the quality of the account, but it is usually no longer than 25-50 days. Depends on the quality of your account

We offer you an account review to help you get more results

Most of all. Our algorithms teach LinkedIn’s system, and that’s what the warm-up period is for. So it will be slower to get up and running at the beginning.

The messages will go through your profile, which means that, yes, we will log in to your account. But to do this we will send you an email address which you will need to set up as a secondary login, we will only use this email address. However, we still need your LinkedIn password.

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